How to get started Start with tobacoinvestment.com

Any information should be encrypted and protected. This is a gospel truth for everything that has to do with money. We have tried to unite this principle with a comfortable and convenient service, the use of which could bring comfort instead of irritation. Here are three simple steps to take to become our investor:

Open an account

To become a legitimate investor of tobacoinvestment.com, you need to undergo through simple registration procedure:
- click on “Register”
- fill in all the necessary fields
- complete registration.

Make a deposit

Enter the bitcoin amount and click “Deposit”. The more you deposit, the higher hourly profit you get. Hourly profit depends on your investment amount:

- 0.28% / per hour, forever MIN 0.01 BTC – MAX 2.5 BTC
- 0.33% / per hour, forever MIN 2.50000001 BTC – MAX 5 BTC
- 0.38% / per hour, forever MIN 5.00000001 BTC – MAX 10 BTC
- 0.43% / per hour, forever MIN 10.00000001 BTC – MAX 25 BTC
- 0.48% / per hour, forever MIN 25.00000001 BTC – MAX 500 BTC

Final stage

When the transaction has from 3 to 6 confirmations, the deposit will be activated automatically. Congratulations, you’ve become an investor of tobacoinvestment.com!

Note: Processing time for activating deposit may take from 30 minutes to 24 hours and totally depending on bitcoin network, not our system, please be patient.