TobacoInvestment is an institutional
alternative bank,operating only with
the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Founded in 2021, TobacoInvestment employs a fundamentals-based.

Date Amount Payment
+200% In 24 Hours.

MINIMUM : $0.10

Firm Overview

We invest money in the financial markets. We buy stocks or bonds which we then sell. Through these transactions or the dividends they generate, we make risk-adjusted returns.

Where we stand out from the competition is that we do not share 1% of our revenue with our customers, but more than 90%. This way, we offer a much higher compensation plan than our competitors.

On top of our banking activities, we provide services to affiliate companies. For example, we offer accounting analysis exercises or strategic and financial advice around cryptocurrencies. We also support companies on crypto outsourcing projects.

The revenues from all these services are also shared with our users.

Our key word:

Disciplined investing.

We patiently wait for the market to offer opportunities to allocate resources at attractive discounts to intrinsic values.